From north vietnam

Hi heading a back with my blog again.

Today i would like to share my trip, a wonderful trip in vietnam😚😚😚😚

I spent 4 days in hanoi,  3 days da nang-hoi an, and 2 days in ho chiminh saigon city also 1 day siemreap. Awesome trip but tired😅😅😅

Well! here is my 4days trip in hanoi😉😉😉

Day one im enjoying hanoi with pho and the famous oriental vietnamese coffee


Here such a great place to visit, they are all is about Trung nguyen Legend coffee, they have traditional coffee maker, all the way they make a coffee such a tradituonal ways, and thats why the coffee having such a strong taste😚

received_1954822544738628 received_1954822511405298

The next day we continue our trip to ba dinh- where the kingkong movie was taken😚😚

Ba dinh-hanoi



Such an wonderfull place, i got a free ticket for hangging around bah dinh by boat from my friend- thank you friend lucky to have you😉

Hot wether but worthed for this. The boat will take u about 2 hrs from the beggining of bahdinh to the end, wowwww No place could replace my feeling here😍😍😍, such a wonderfull😉😉 i am surrounded by bah dinh hills ha😚



After a hours on the boat, we arrive in such a cultural place (pardon me i had forget the name of this place😢😔) but here was the scene of kingkong movie taken. Hehehe

Sure u guys have watched kingkong film.hehehehe FB_IMG_1492872857917

After finish with ba dinh, me and my friends got back for eat,such a hungry day😆😄😃

I am exicited with vietnamese food😚

Guess what i have here?!

Hmmmm Springrolls? pho noodles?

Alright! I have much springroll and pho. They have various of springroll and pho. Ready for seeing my foodie photograph?😃



Yummie😚😚😚 i love the most with springroll and pho noddles, the soup very soupie😂😚

such a great day, im enjoy my days here always with strong veitnamese coffee that always make me headach😅😅

Different Food tastes Founded!

Hai Hai Hai 😉 😉

I’m coming  now…… 😀 :p

Yeap! Almost one year i was stay in Manila. you guys for sure wanna know How does it’s feel righ?hehehe :p  Lotus so complicated to answer it. hahahha 😉  😀 😀


but Lotus can tell you something that could make your Tummy screaming “WoW ” :p :p :p

Attention Please!!!

Before you read make sure your Belly is fulled already. hahahaha 😀 😀

Lotus wanted to share  about Food tastes you need to try in Philippines 😀

Ready Right??!! 😉 😉

     1. Lechon


The lechon is the most Favorite Meals for Philipino,  Lechon is The entire pig is spit-roasted over coals, with the crisp, golden-brown skin served with liver sauce. yum yum yum hngry right? 😀


the first time try lechon i thought that must be the same taste as the pork in my country, but once you try lechon, it’s taste different! specially for the skin part- taste so crunchy and tasty…. yum yum yum hungry me 😀 😀 😀

     2. Sinigang

Sinigang or Sour Soup. Sinigang often mixed by vegetables like kangkong, beans, totamoes, tamarind and also can added with fish, beef, pork, prawn.

The taste is sour because they put tamarind inside the soup, maybe we could said it “Sayur Asem” for Indonesian people.

    3. Adobo


Adobo is cooking meat (often chicken and pork) in vinegar, salt, garlic, pepper, soy sauce and other spices was a practical way to preserve it without refrigeration.
It’s best simple home made food here, we can call it  “Ayam Kecap” hehehe Adobo make me miss my mom home made food, my mom is a good cooking for “Ayam or Pork Kecap”  hehehe Mom I miss you 😉
   4. Pinoy Noodles/ Pancit habhab
Yehaaaaaa Back to Mie Goreng,hehehe 😀 😀
Pinoy Noodles is Fried Noodles with carrots, chayote, and a few pieces of meat.
Pinoy Noodles is most eaten dish here and the price also cheap, we can find pancit everywhere… only in Philippines
   5. Sisig
Talk about this dishes I dont know how to explain it , i think we could named this dishes “Nothing goes to waste food.” hahahahaha 😀 😀 😀
According In the culinary capital of Pampanga, they turn the pork’s cheeks, head and liver into a sizzling dish called “Sisig”.
How to cook sisig??
i know it’s the question come out from your mind when we called it “Nothing goes to waste food.” hahaha
I  have no idea how to make it, may be we could try to cook using knorr seasoning (bumbu penyedap rasa) hahahha i have to named sisig to “daging cincang” for Indonesian. hahaha 😛  “Daging cincang” is most easier for me to remember how the way they cooked Sisig
     6. Crispy Pata
Yessss finally i found  “Kerupuk/ Keripik”. hahaha 😀 😀 😀
but the sad story is Crispy Pata isn’t  “Kerupuk/ Keripik” hahahahhaa poor me 😦 😦
“Kerupuk/ Keripik” is  the first things come to my mind once i heared Crispy Pata. hahaha Smart Girl   :p :p :p
Okay back to the Crispy Pata 😉 😉 😉
Crispy Pata is drained and deep fried pork until crisp, The meat is tender and juicy inside, with a crisp pork skin.
Eehmm is crispy pork skin tasted same as lechon pork skin?? of course both of them have different taste baby. hehehe
Here the part of crispy pork skin is drained and deep fried with high level oil,  yum yum yum
Crispy  Crispy Pata often Served with vinegar, soy sauce and chili.
  7. Bulalo Soup
Bulalo soup made with freshly slaughtered Batangas beef, The bones are big.
The broth is rich with flavors seeped from the beef after boiling for hours.
     8. Balut 
OMG! I have no idea when one of my friend saw me Balut. hahaha
As you ever heard duck embryo guys?? 😀 😀 😀
I thought you never imagine how this thing comes, but i need to admit that Peoples eat duck embryo called Balut in the Philippines and it might be the only food I refused in my entire life here. hehehehe :p :p

What is Balut?

Balut is duck embryo—- the embryo is allowed to grow and mature for about 17 days until it is quite clearly a baby duck.  After 17 days (in philippines) they boiled the egg.

When I got to the Philippines, peoples were eating Balut as a snack on the streets, in the same way you can pick up Gorengan  on the streets of Jakarta city. hahahaha

     9. Kare-Kare
kare kare.jpg
Kare Kare is similar as Curry. but Kare-Kare add more interesting textures such as Banana blossom, eggplants, string beans and sauce made from ground toasted rice and crushed peanuts.
     10. illocos Empana
illocos Empana it’s Spanish name, but the ingredients are all from Philippines.
“illocos Empana” is Snack are stuffed in fried beef, egg cabbages mixed with spicy vinegar sauce

    11.Pork barbecue

Wowwwww Come back To Pork Satay,hehehehe

Satay is very common meals in every country where almost everything is marinated, grilled in the street corners,  ofcourse everyone has their favorite barbecue meat, Ex: Chiken Satay for indonesia, Malaysia, India. but Pork is the most popular here 😉 😉
Many outlets in Metro Manila has Pork barbecue, We can get super big yummy Pork barbecue in Price 20-40 peso/each (0.5 to 1 USD)
The size it’s big,  every pieces of pork  marinade with a perfect and salty-sweet sauce. tasty and juicy. 😀 😀
    12.Chicken inasal 
Yes It’s grilled chicken! “Ayam bakar” in indonesia languages. hahahaha :p
For Pinoy Chicken inasal isn’t ordinary grilled chicken, but once i ate chiken inasal taste like “Ayam bakar” near my house.hahahha 😀 😀 😀 but  why why why why people here called Chicken inasal is not ordinary grilled chicken???
Corious right??
Yes for sure! hahaha :p
Here! Every part of the chicken is grille from the drumstick, breast, gizzard, liver, wingsand also heart part.
The meat is also marinated in lemongrass, calamansi, salt, pepper and garlic and brushed with oil. people here must be eaten chiken inasal with garlic rice, with some of the orange oil used to marinade the chicken poured over the rice.
You can find Chiken inasal in every restaurant, but they have common place called “Mang Inasal” You can get chicken grilled here with unlimited rice and water only  paid 100-150peso (4-5USD)
    13. Pancit Palabok
Pancit habhab or bihun siram in indonesia languages is served on a banana leaf and slurped.
cooked with carrots, chayote, and a few pieces of meat, this cheap noodle dish is most often eaten by peoples here
but sometimes they add add lechon or serving of vegetables.
     14. Halo-Halo
Halo-Halo is is a popular Filipino dessert. feel hungry now.hehehehe
at this summer time it’s great having a tall glass of Halo-Halo—Creamy ice cream with mix of fruits, red beans, coconut, sago, jelly . i will eat halo-halo once my period times end. Oopppsss hahaha 😀 😀 😀
    15. Leche flan
Do you guys would like eat sweet dessert? Here Leche flan is great choosen for you! 😉 😉
下载 (1).jpg
This is a popular dessert here!  an egg and milk-based custard capped off with carameli sugar.
     16. All in ube
Ube is common meals here, Various home made are based in Ube
a. Ube-Pie
b. Ube Cake
c. Taro Milk Tea
d. Ube-Bars
e. Ube-Bread

Kau Tau







One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace and School at a Time

Finally i was finished read this inspiring book (Three Cups of Tea) 😀


“Three Cups of Tea” details how Mortenson resolved to build schools in Central Asia after he became lost and wandered into a poor Pakistani village.  wowwwwww 😀
In 1993, after a terrifying and disastrous attempt to climb K2, a mountaineer called Greg Mortenson drifted, cold and dehydrated, into an impoverished Pakistan village in the Karakoram Mountains. Moved by the inhabitants’ kindness, he promised to return and build a school.
“Three Cups of Tea” is the story of that promise and its extraordinary outcome.

Over the next decade Mortenson built not just one but fifty-five schools – especially for girls – in remote villages across the forbidding and breathtaking landscape of Pakistan and Afghanistan, just as the Taliban rose to power.


His story is at once a riveting adventure and a testament to the power of the humanitarian spirit. his spirit so Amazing and Powerfull.


Wishing all of us having such an Amazing and powerfull Spirit and make our dream come true…. Fighting!! 😉


Slow start setttle in

Hi guys, its been very long time i didn’t share my life, miss me right?hehehe

Now i’m move to Philippines and work here, i have been here from Dec 7 2015☺

Ayala Street

To be honest, i can’t undersand the languages here-they are using tagalog, but i like to live in cities so there is plenty to do.hehehe

My first impression of Filipinos is that i find them very friendly! I get alot of direct eye contact when i talk to peoples and even from those i pass in the street-this is something happen to like and even miss in some other cultures☺☺☺

i get a lot more attention from some people than i was expecting- boys ussualy giggle a lot as they walk pass me😆😉

Makati Triangel Park- my favo place for afternoon jogging😆😆

Talk about the languages-Tagalog

Now, of course i have got into tagalog! A little slower than normal because of tiredness😀😀😀

I Need to find dictionary or some materials to learn about tagalog… ganbate for learning tagalog!!😉😉

Here in Manila, since the signs and menu etc are in english, i don’t feel any sense of immersion visually…hehehe



3D2N in Siem Reap

Wow ga kepikir akhirnya bisa ke siem Reap. awalnya cuma mau travel malaysia aja, tapi karena lotus gatel kaki nya jadi lanjut deh dari kuala lumpur flight to SiemReap….hehehe 😛

Siem Reap itu deretan candi yang masuk sebagai Angkor World Heritage sebagai wisata wajibbbbbbbbbb.


Nah angkor pass sendiri tersedia dalam tiga tipe: 1 hari (USD20), 3 hari dalam 1 minggu (USD40), dan 6 hari dalam 1 bulan (USD60).

hari kedua jam 8 pagi saya janjian sama To – supir tuktuk yang awalnya mengantar saya dari bandara menuju hotel – untuk berkeliling candi Angkor di Siem Reap dalam satu hari. Biayanya adalah USD30 dan itu sudah termasuk ke Banteay Srei yang berada 28km ke arah luar kota. Kalau tanpa kunjungan ke Banteay Srei, tentu bisa lebih murah lagi. Tapi sayang donk jauh-jauh ke siemreap tidak ke Banteay Srei. Hihihi.

To mengantar saya ke konter tiket utama sebelum masuk komplek candi Angkor Wat untuk membeli Angkor Pass. Saat membeli Angkor Pass, mbak-mbaknya minta saya untuk melihat ke kamera, ternyata di angkor pass kita ada fotonya.heheheh


Setelah Angkor Pass sudah di tangan To mengantar saya menuju candi pertama yang terbesar dan paling terkenal yaitu Angkor Wat. Wowwwww thats an awesome angkorrrrrrrrrr😃😃😃😃😃😃

Di angkor wat saya keliling sekitar 2 jam, dengan panas teriknya matahari saya lalui demi angkor wat😁😁😁 dan yang paling penting itu selfie,hehehe 😉😉😉

Naik kuda 20USD,  mahal sih tapi sekali kali gpp kali ya,hehe
Suka banget liat lorong2 didlm angkor wat😉😉
Bergaya menjadi model angkor wat dulu nih😁😁😁😁

Setelah dari angkor wat lanjut ke Banteay Srei, candi2 di Banteay Srei  berbeda dengan angkor wat lohh


Setelah itu lanjut lagi ke Banteay Kdei. Kl di tanya cape ga? Bagi saya mah ga cape,,, memang suka jalan2 sih lotus 😃😃😃 setelah dr Banteay Kdey  lotus makan dulu nih ama To. Ga enak lah kalo makan sendiri, karena lotus juga baik hati, tdk sombong dan rajin menahung lotus traktir To makan😉😉.  To makan nasi+pork grill meat ,Lotus makan Fish Amokh Curry—makanan lokal… enak banget, kuah currynya seger ada rasa asem2 nanas. Wueenakkk bangetttt, bersih ludes tuh piring n mangkok😆😀😉


Setelah makan lotus lanjut ke Neak Pean, Neak Pean ga begitu luas tapi uniknya didlm candi ini ada danau lohhhhhh, bagus banget viewnya😍




Sras Srang merupakan candi candi kecil di are angkor wat, cukup dengan waktu 30 menit saja kok untuk mengelilingi Sras Srang😛😛😜😜


Nahhhh sekitar jam 3 berangkatlah ke Ta Phrom!ini nih yang lotus tunggu2! Ta Phrom adalah candi yang tergerus pohon! Coba, manusia sering menggerus dan menebang pohon, eh di Ta Phrom ini pohon yang menggerus candi buatan manusia. Hehehe. Baik-baik sama pohon ya😀😂😅😄 Lotus kagum banget sama Ta Phrom, Ta Phom unikkkkkk banget,  feel yang didapat di Ta Phom berbeda sama tempat2 semelumnya. Kerennn abissssss😎😎😚😘


Dapet kenalan teman baru. Kebetulan juga sama2 solo travelling😆😆

*Note: Ta Phom ini lokasi syuting film terbaru Angelina Jolie yang berjudul “First they kill my father” akan di reliese tahun depan lohhhh, jangan lupa ntn ye, lumayan bisa liat Ta Phom dari movie,hehehe😁😄😉

Tujuan terakhir Candi Bayon. Lotus sudah agak cape nih, kaki juga pegel2, Lelah sekali rasanya, badan pun sudah nggak enak. Hasil percampuran sengatan sinar matahari, udara, debu, angin…  Ya ampun, rasanya tidak bisa diutarakan dengan kata2. LOL


Keliling candi Angkor di Siem Reap dalam satu hari itu asik bangetttt tapi ada capenya juga sih, karena mesti bangun pagi2, jalan kaki masuk ke candi2 yang luasnya luas bangettttt. Tapi worthed banget dehhh ga nyeselllĺ, bahagia dan senang bisa melihat peninggalan sejarah yang begini anggunnya. Kalo dipikir2 jaman dahulu kemana2 jalan kaki lohhhh, dari satu angkor ke angkor yang lainnya, wowwww pantesan ya sehat2 dan panjang umurrrr😜😛😝😆😄😃

Supaya berasa nih apa yg lotus rasakan, boleh lah travelling ke Siem Reap, recommended bangetttttt😙😍😚

*Note: No tlp To-supir tuktuk yang mengantar lotus keliling candi Angkor di Siem Reap dalam satu hari +855 78 719 199 or +855 69 817 385, bilang aja dari susanti orang indo, dia tau kok. To orangnya ramah bangetttt, udh gitu bisa ditawar lohh, tp jangan sadis ya nawarnya. 😜😛


Cheap way to travel around Penang Island

Penang is an awesome place, you can come directly from Kuala Lumpur to penang island or Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth(mainland) than take a feryboat to reach penang island.

Penang Britge- Pic taken in ferryboat
FerryBout View
SunSet View -Pic taken by otherside

Penang island has an amazing transportation system that’s very much traveler-friendly called CAT Bus that you can take to go around Penang. It’s a hop on bus that covers most of places to visit in Penang. The bus is very comfortable, equipped with air conditioning and has several seats available inside; though I personally like standing near the big stage in the middle while looking out and enjoying the view. 😀

One thing you have to keep in mind is that the bus looks exactly like the regular bus. The only different is the name displayed.


CAT Bus doesn’t stop at every stop. So either ask the driver to let you know when the bus has reached your stop destination or just like us, you count the stops and press the ‘stop’ button when you almost reach your destination. 😀😀

Most places to visit in Penang covered in the CAT Bus route as below:

  • Stop KOMTAR: The main terminal. You can get CAT Bus at the outside part of the bus lanes. Find an Information Counter near and got the map there.


  • Stop St.George Church Penang: The oldest church in penang was consecrated in 11 May 1819 by Rt.Rev.Thomas Middletown-Bishop of Calcutta




  •  Stop  7 To Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. See a bit left once you hop off the bus and you shall see the Blue Mansion.
  • Stop 12: To Chowrasta Market and Teochew Cendul. It stops right in front of Chowrasta Market. To get to the famous Teochew Cendul (you can have Asam Laksa there too!), walk to your right – when you face the Chowrasta Market – to Lebuh Keng Kwee.
  • Stop Muzium Negeri.




True love is living a tough life.

I saw something worth sharing during my traveling…😉😉😉

When I turned my attention to where i was pointing, I suddenly felt a tug in my heart. The old couple was referring to are probably both in their late 80’s. I could easily judge by the way they look. But nonetheless, they’re such a pretty sight to see. They’re probably one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever seen. They may not be the kind of couple you would love to see in a romantic flick, but anyone who would see them will definitely feel what I felt.

Here’s what I saw.😊


The old man and his wife were waiting for the train, his wife huging him from his back while they are stand by the side . Of course there’s nothing unusual about that. But what really amazed me was the fact that despite their age, they are still obviously in love with each other. It’s as if they’ve just got married and are still in their honeymoon stage. And I’m not exaggerating while I’m saying this. Really.

You see they’re not really a sophisticated sight to see, if you only look outwardly. It’s so easy to tell that the couple is living a tough life.

The old man was just so gentlemanly.  He was standing and talk to his wife. For me it’s like saying, “Hey hon, I’ll always protect you and gladly carry the burden for both of us no matter what”. Isn’t that lovely?😊😊

This should tell the present society something. When I saw the couple, I didn’t just feel butterflies in my stomach. I realized something…something far more important.How many couples promised to love and cherish each other only to end up separating at the end of the day? In most countries today, divorce is legal, and in some others, annulment is allowed. But don’t get me wrong, though. I’m not really against such laws. I just hate the fact that people make promises and not keep them.

We always hear lovers exchange vows of love. “I’ll forever be on your side”,” till death do us part”, “you’d always be in my heart”…those stuffs. But really, how many couples do actually last together for long? Upon the slightest shaking, many couples already wish to give up. A little more shaking, and there…the marriage’s wrecked. Sad isn’t it?

I wish there would be more of that sweet old couple I saw yesterday and less of the wrecked marriages we hear today. If only all husbands are faithful to their wives… If only all wives are understanding and supportive… If only all couples are strong enough to face even the harshest of all tides … And if only all people know how to keep the promises they make…

When I saw that old couple yesterday, I saw two people who looked like they haven’t and will not ever outgrow their love for each other, they make me believe that true love is exist And when I saw that old couple yesterday, the blogger in me realized…this is definitely blog-worthy.😍😙😘



Saya tidak menyangka bisa solo traveling lagi….

Today lotus akan share tempat2 menarik di Kuala Lumpur dan Melacca

  1. Kuala lumpur
  • Petronas Twins Tower

Siapa sih yang ga kenal tempat ini? 😕😕😕 U know tower ini ada 88 lantai loh. Wow ga sih? 😁😆

Penasaran kan gimana caranya lotus bisa sampai disana? Kasih tau ga ya 😂😂😂 baiklah, kl mau tau panggil saya queen of asia dengan logat spongebobs. Hahaha

Karena tempat hostel yang saya tinggal itu di bangsar (dkt dgn KL Sentral), jadi gampang2 aja mah kesana. 😉😉😉 nothing hard guys, just make it easy😛😛

First, dr hostle jalan kaki ke stasiun LRT bangsar (10mnt) lalu beli tiket LRT menuju Petronas Twin Tower (KLCC), ingat loh LRT line 5 ya (jalur merah), soalnya saya nyasar pas mau kesana.hehehe *jd malu😔😔

Pertonas twins tower taken from trade hotel

Di KLCC/Menara Kembar Petronas, bisa jalan-jalan, makan, foto-foto di dalam mallnya. 😆😆 Malam hari lanjut ke KL Tower, bisa jalan kaki dari KLCC/Menara Kembar Petronas, tapi kalau sudah capek, naik taksi saja karena jalannya lumayan agak menanjak. Hihihi.

Nah selesai dr Petronas Twins Tower saatnya makan. Yum yum yum😃😃😃

Pas banget kali ini makan brg tmn, kata tmn saya yg org malaysia disana tuh makanan khas suku mamak dr india loh, makanan nya hanya suku mamak saja yg bisa bikin,hehehe *sudah simonopolikan sama mereka.hehehe

Wefie sblm mam😁😁

Kita mkn roti tissue (yg bntuk kerucut), chesse naan and tandoori chiken. Yum yum yum recomended bangettyy.😃😃

Selesai makan, kembali ke penginapan dan bobo cantik deh.hehehe

  • Batu caves
Ready for 272 stairs?😱

Ayo yg suka sport marilah ke Batu Caves (LRT turun di Stesen Sentul), disini kita akan menaiki sekitar 272 anak tangga 😱😵– kalau nggak percaya, dtg ye, kalian pst akan mengalami apa yang lotus alami di sini.😆😆

Inside batu caves
Tampak dari atas


Setelah dari Batu Caves, perjalanan dilanjutkan ke Bukit Bintang atau Central Market. Dua-duanya tempat belanja *Mari shoppinggggg 😀😀😀 . Bingunh ya mau kemana? Hehe Kl lotus sih emg hobby shopping, jd kedua2 nya pergi deh, 😁😁 Kalau Central Market lebih kayak ITC dan kualitas barang-barangnya lebih kurang, tapi untuk yang mau beli grosiran, cocok banget ke Central Market ini. Naik LRT ke central market, turun dipasar seni dehhh. Easy right? 😉

  • Melacca


One day in malacca, perjalanan ke melacca easy bgt, dr KL sentral ke arah TBS beli tiket ke melacca, harganya hanya 10 ringgit dan total perjalanan hanya 2 jam. Sampai terminal melacca naik taxi deh ke hostel, hostelnya deket tempt visata. Mau ke MELAKA WORLD HERITAGE CITY dan ke Mall Melaka tinggal jalan kaki sampai deh. Easy banget😉😉

Tumben amet kosong melompong jalannya

Di MELAKA WORLD HERITAGE CITY/ THE STADHUYS itu banyak relic bersejarah dan tempat ini sudah di deklarasikan oleh UNESCO loh, pantesan aja ya orang2 pada kesini, tempat bersejarah bangettt. 😁😁 saran lotus, sebelum kesini coba deh visit museum nasional di KL, krn disana ada penjelasan mengenai peninggalan2 tsb, bisa juga visiting Mr. Google dulu deh.hehehe😃😃😃 jadi saat sampai ditempat ga binggung2 ini apa ya, itu apa ya.hehehe😆😆

Salah satu Christ Church di Melaka

Selain tempat sejarah kita bisa liat juga sungai melaka, pas banget kalau kita masuk ke STADHUYS di sana ada tuh sungai panjang-sungai melaka

gini deh kalo udh ketemu kamera😁

Simply halloween party

Today, i was checking on my babies laptop 🙂

I found some Pictures of halloween party 2011-2012 in China 🙂

it was organized by our university—Fujian Normal university! 😉

Hhmmm….. I am really miss that moment! 😦 😦

u know guys, Halloween only comes once a year, Right?? 😀

and we are excited for holding costume parties. i am having a the most awesome hallowen party with friends from any countries.

IMG_4508   IMG_4527

The party starts at 7 pm.

Our first opening activities is Showing + Eating foods from various countries (students cooked by them self),

Afterthat we are showing our costume parties and play games.

IMGP1496 IMGP1493

This is my first attending halloween party and I’m trying to be bitchy, so I’d like to point out on that day 😛 hehehe